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 We love history at Refried Jeans. We buy & sell vintage postcards, Victorian trade cards, and photographs; things long forgotten as well as memories of the way we were. You might find pictures of your ancestors, business, home, or church you were married in. We try to add fun to every card we sell.

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Expédition vers CAN
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Mucha~"Slavia"~Josephine Crane Bradley~Art Nouveau Lovely Lady~Czech Note~1909
1 Enchère145,94 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :9h 40m
R Hill~Working Girl Series no 4~"Cash" Lovely Lady at Fabric Counter~Dry Goods
0 Enchère9,27 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :4j 10h 19m
RR Wichera Easter~Lovely Lady in Armchair at Window~St Bernard Dog~MM Vienne 369
1 Enchère11,93 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :1j 11h 37m
Clapsaddle Easter~Little Girl Dresses White Rabbit~Blue Hat~Ears Stick Thru~Wolf
0 Enchère10,60 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 9h 55m
Molly Brett Fantasy~Badger Brock Makes Merry~Animals Decorate For Christmas~Tree
0 Enchère9,27 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 9h 28m
Charles Twelvetrees~National Cupid Series~Snowshoes~Heart Flag~Valentine #1885
0 Enchère9,27 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 9h 55m
Artist Oskar MERTÉ~Munchen Germany Lipizzan? White Horse w/Gray Mane~1908 PC
0 Enchère13,26 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :2j 9h 32m
Charles Twelvetrees Valentine~Little Girl in Blue~Your Bluebird for Happiness
0 Enchère9,27 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 9h 51m
Penrhyn Stanlaws~Lovely Lady Profile~Pink Hat~Edward Gross Watercolor Serie~no 1
0 Enchère17,24 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 11h 36m
Artist Signed~Lovely Lady~Pink Gown & Violets~Looking for Sweetheart~F Hartmann
0 Enchère9,27 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :4j 9h 4m
Ida Outhwaite Fantasy~Elves & Fairies~Mermaid Playing With Bubbles~Seashells~#73
Achat immédiat55,73 $C+3,32 $CTemps restant :17j 0h 12m
Dogs~Black French Bulldog on Dainty Leash~Back Fence~1911 Artist Sketch Postcard
0 Enchère11,93 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :9h 4m
Twelvetrees~WWI Patriotic~Chubby Boy Soldier~Hope I don't Get Stuck in Trenches
1 Enchère13,26 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :11h 15m
Xavier Sager~New Fashion~Glamour ART DECO Lady in Harem Pants~Picture Hat~Paris
0 Enchère21,22 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :1j 11h 9m
Clapsaddle Valentine~Boy Girl Cupids In Pink Flowers~Notes~Doves~Germany
0 Enchère11,93 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 9h 28m
Hamilton King~Ocean Grove NJ Girl~Redhead Bathing Beauty Wrings Out Suit~1907
0 Enchère13,26 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :1j 9h 29m
Ellen H Clapsaddle Thanksgiving~Grandpa in Top Hat~Overcoat~Fruit Basket~Wolf Co
0 Enchère13,26 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :1j 9h 19m
Catherine Klein~Pink Yellow Rose with Red Buds~Dewdrops on Leaves~Embossed~1910
Achat immédiat11,94 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :21j 10h 55m
Mailick Novelty~Fuzzy Furry Brown Bear Add On Walks on Water~Seagulls~1905 PC
Achat immédiat
30 % de rabais
6,97 $C
7,50 $US
+1,99 $CTemps restant :16j 10h 45m
Leon Moran~Pretty Lady Looks Up From Under Big Hat~Sepia Litho~1910 Postcard
Achat immédiat
25 % de rabais
8,96 $C
9,00 $US
+1,99 $CTemps restant :17h 21m
Ernest Gayac~Gallais No 357~Dancing Girl~Ballerina on Toes~White Tutu~Paris
0 Enchère13,26 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 10h 30m
Bernhardt Wall~A Brave Hunter~Dutch Boy With Birds on Gun~White Dog Trots Along
0 Enchère7,95 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :4j 9h 10m
Fox Hunt~Following the Hounds~Hunter With Horn~Horseback~1907 Artist Postcard
Achat immédiat
30 % de rabais
7,43 $C
8,00 $US
+1,99 $CTemps restant :14j 8h 9m
August Muller~Dachshund Dog on Artist Bench~Fox Painting~Paints on Palette~1907
0 Enchère11,93 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :11h 1m
May Farini~Artist Signed~pretty Lady in Fur Hat Under Umbrella~Rain~Handcolored
0 Enchère10,60 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :4j 9h 30m
Ellen H Clapsaddle Patriotic~Memorial Day~His Soul Goes Marching On~Flags~Emboss
0 Enchère11,93 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :4j 8h 53m
Artist Signed Bishop~Valentine~Compliments Paid to Hazel Eyed Maid~Blonde~1909
0 Enchère6,62 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 9h 41m
Harrison Fisher~"Two Roses" Lovely Lady w/ Pink Flower~Garbo Hat~Watercolor 382
0 Enchère26,52 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :4j 9h 6m
Clapsaddle Easter Fantasy~Dressed Chicks & Rabbits Dance~Lawn Party Band~1911
0 Enchère9,27 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 9h 33m
Molly Brett Fantasy~Harvest Picnic~Animals Gather~Rooster~Teapot~Loaded Cloth
0 Enchère9,27 $C+1,99 $CTemps restant :6j 11h 13m
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