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 We love history at Refried Jeans. We buy & sell vintage postcards, Victorian trade cards, and photographs; things long forgotten as well as memories of the way we were. You might find pictures of your ancestors, business, home, or church you were married in. We try to add fun to every card we sell.

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4 787 résultats trouvés dans Wisconsin
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Oshkosh Wisconsin~Airplanes~EAA Annual Convention~Whitman Field~Campers~1960s
0 Enchère8,43 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :4j 4h 16m
Strum Wisconsin~Lutheran Church~5th Ave & Oak Street~Building Behind~1962 RPPC
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
11,26 $C
10,00 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :9j 15h 3m
Madison WI Long Sidewalk to Mendota State Hospital Insane Asylum~Cornices 1913
0 Enchère9,84 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :2j 4h 17m
Black Creek Wisconsin~St Johannes Lutheran Church~Out in Middle of Nowhere~1916
Achat immédiat12,67 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :5j 21h 38m
Pleasant Lake Indiana Post Office~Lampson WI Exaggerated Cabbage~Wagon Broke~'12
0 Enchère11,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :4j 4h 25m
Black Creek Wisconsin~Main Street North~Storefronts~Does this look Natural?~1908
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
10,53 $C
9,35 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :7j 6h 48m
Eagle River WI~Main Street~Rexall Store~Mulrooney Drug~Sporting Goods~Cars~1967
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
9,01 $C
8,00 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :22j 6h 50m
Sheboygan Wisconsin~North 7th Street in Winter~Snow Flocked Trees~Homes~1908 B&W
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
12,39 $C
11,00 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :14j 18h 38m
Sister Bay Wisconsin~Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant & Butik~c1950~Postcard
Achat immédiat12,67 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :21j 15h 5m
Owen Wisconsin~Clark County Insane Asylum~Circle Drive~Water Tower~c1925 RPPC
Achat immédiat38,01 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :8j 7h 0m
Eagle River Wisconsin~Persian Paradise Resort Motel~Lighted Billboard Sign~1960s
0 Enchère8,43 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :4j 4h 13m
Barton Wisconsin~Residential Panorama~Houses~Barns~Backyards~Church~c1915 RPPC
Achat immédiat45,04 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :8j 7h 0m
Steuben WI~Mayme Peterson's Sisters Big House~Girls Shovel~Church~1911 RPPC
Achat immédiat38,01 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 16h 7m
Black Creek Wisconsin~Romy's New Nitingale~Ball Room Supper Club~Romenesko~1960s
Achat immédiat9,85 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :2j 17h 54m
Clintonville Wisconsin~Homecoming Celebration~Crowd at FWD Demo~Aug 28 1912 RPPC
Achat immédiat38,01 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :8j 17h 28m
Wautoma WI~Main Street~Market~Mercantile Co~Minskey's Groceries~Cars~1931 RPPC
Achat immédiat50,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :10j 16h 10m
La Crosse Wisconsin~Germania Hall~Trolley Tracks in Front~1908 Postcard
Achat immédiat11,26 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :1j 4h 57m
Hartford WI~West Sumner Street~AL Wright Veterinary Office~Home~Wagon~1910 RPPC
Achat immédiat38,01 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 16h 7m
La Crosse Wisconsin~John Gund Brewing Co~Beer Brewery~Factory Panorama~1916
Achat immédiat119,65 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :3j 15h 44m
Black River Falls WI~Co D 4th Reg WWI Parade~Military Band~Tollack-Son~1917 RPPC
Achat immédiat59,12 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :11j 6h 28m
"Greetings" from Port Wing Wisconsin~Pretty Roadside Flowers~Highway~1938 Linen
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
9,01 $C
8,00 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :1j 16h 57m
Wisconsin Dells~Parsons Roadside Indian Trading Post~Free Admit~1930s Cars~RPPC
Achat immédiat16,89 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :18h 21m
New London WI~Wisconsin Chair Factory Panorama~Farm Buildings~1905 RPPC
Achat immédiat45,04 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :9j 18h 35m
Phillips WI~Wisconsin Concrete Park~Roadside~Reindeer~Hunter~Cop~Donations~1960s
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
9,01 $C
8,00 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :20j 17h 18m
Suring WI~Main Street West~X Marks Our Dry Goods Store & Warehouse~c1910 RPPC
Achat immédiat66,16 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :16j 15h 13m
Hillsboro Wisconsin~High School~Cupola Bell Tower~c1910 Postcard
Achat immédiat9,85 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :13j 16h 44m
Wisconsin Rapids WI~St Mary's Catholic Church~House Marked X~1950s RPPC
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
9,01 $C
8,00 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :5j 1h 58m
Oconomowoc Wisconsin~Carnation Milk Products Co~Tall Smoke Stack~1947
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
9,01 $C
8,00 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :7j 3h 59m
Augusta WI This is Our Lutheran Church Parsonage House~RPPC c1908
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
9,05 $C
8,04 $US
+2,11 $CTemps restant :11j 15h 57m
Milwaukee WI~WTMJ Radio Show Old Timers~Show Set~General Store~c1931 Adv RPPC
Achat immédiat38,01 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :11j 6h 28m
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