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 We love history at Refried Jeans. We buy & sell vintage postcards, Victorian trade cards, and photographs; things long forgotten as well as memories of the way we were. You might find pictures of your ancestors, business, home, or church you were married in. We try to add fun to every card we sell.

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Phoenix Arizona~Thomas Shopping Mall~Store Window Mannequins~Fountain~1960
0 Enchère11,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 27m
Youngtown AZ~Shopping Center~Baptist Church & Store Signs~Bayless Market~1950s
0 Enchère8,43 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 25m
North Libertyville IL~Ivy Ascends Around An Ornate Porch RPPC CR Childs Postcard
0 Enchère42,22 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 10m
French Lick Indiana~Springs Hotel Park~Pretty Blossoming Trees~Pluto Water~1922
0 Enchère9,84 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 3h 44m
Cannelton Indiana~Perry County Courthouse~Fence Along Sidewalk~c1910 Postcard
0 Enchère11,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 40m
Greenfield Massachusetts~Nicer Houses on E Main St~Children Eye Cameraman~1920s
0 Enchère9,14 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 7m
Los Angeles California~Union Trust Building @ Night~Moon Between Clouds~1909
0 Enchère11,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :5j 5h 2m
San Diego CA~Art Deco Kettner Radiator Shop~Cleaning & Repairing, Soldering~1950
0 Enchère12,65 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 30m
San Francisco California~Chinatown Main Street~Guy Smokes Cigarette~Family~c1910
0 Enchère12,65 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 30m
Augusta Maine~Island Park Hotel~Lake Cobbosseecontee Shore~Guests on Bridge~1926
0 Enchère11,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 2m
Carthage Missouri~Kel-Lake Motel~Route 66~50s Cars~Sign~Artist~Interior~1950s
0 Enchère9,84 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 47m
Redwood City California~Overlooking Salt Beds~Leslie Salt Co Flats~1910 Postcard
0 Enchère12,65 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 3h 59m
Los Angeles California~Main Street @ 5th~Hotel Rosslyn~Busy Traffic~c1910
0 Enchère11,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 43m
NJ Point Pleasant Beach Bums Relax in Sand~Modest Swimsuits~Umbrellas~1925 PC
0 Enchère11,25 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 3h 58m
St.Joseph Missouri~Wesley Community Center~Brick Building on Corner~1950s
0 Enchère8,43 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 55m
Fairfield CT~Post R~Fairfield Center~VW Beetle~Station Wagon~Trudy's Shoes~c1970
0 Enchère9,84 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 50m
Joplin Missouri~The Elms Motel~Route 66~50s Cars~Shady Drive~Glass Front~1960s
0 Enchère9,84 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 43m
Montpelier Ohio~Louden Hotel~R D Allen-Prop~Shady Sidewalk~1920s B&W Postcard
0 Enchère12,65 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 26m
Bushnell Illinois~Residence Street~Looks Nice But Behind Other Towns~1908 RPPC
Achat immédiat38,01 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :3j 19h 20m
Lewistown Montana~Pair of Flour Mills~Water Gushing From Wheel?~c1910 Blue Tint
0 Enchère12,65 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 26m
Latham IL~Baker Shop~Bread & Cake~Willard Bryant Prop~Smiley M Cashier~1915 RPPC
Achat immédiat38,01 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :3j 19h 20m
WWI Patriotic~Louisville KY~Camp Zachary Taylor~Lester C Monk from Illinois~1917
Achat immédiat45,04 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :3j 15h 37m
Santa Catalina Island CA~Trooping Down Gangplank~Glass Bottom Boat Empress~1910
0 Enchère8,43 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :5j 5h 34m
Meadville Pennsylvania~Allegheny College~Newton Observatory~Astronomy~1911
0 Enchère9,84 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 3h 50m
Bretton Woods New Hampshire~Bretton Woods & Mt Washington~ RPPC 1940s Postcard
0 Enchère14,06 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 21m
Bisbee Arizona~Looking Down Highway 80~Winding Hwy Through Mountains~1950s RPPC
0 Enchère14,06 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 20m
Lowell IN~This is a Picture of the Case Engine I'm Running~Outfit?1909 RPPC
Achat immédiat63,34 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :28j 18h 27m
Pierceton IN~202 S 1st St w/Wrap-Around Porch~112 w/Gable~Downtown~RPPC 1907 UDB
Achat immédiat43,64 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :1j 3h 13m
Maryville Missouri~Northwest Missouri State College~Library~Postcard~1960s
0 Enchère8,43 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 52m
Mount Vernon Missouri~Missouri State Sanatorium~Infirmary Building~Hospital~1957
0 Enchère8,43 $C+2,11 $CTemps restant :6j 4h 55m
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