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 We love history at Refried Jeans. We buy & sell vintage postcards, Victorian trade cards, and photographs; things long forgotten as well as memories of the way we were. You might find pictures of your ancestors, business, home, or church you were married in. We try to add fun to every card we sell.

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16 résultats trouvés dans Novelty: Leather, Wood, Add-On
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Christmas Hold to Light~Look Thro~Church Full Moon~Couple~Pulling the Belle~HTL
Achat immédiat48,38 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :2j 14h 46m
Queens New York City~Rockaway Beach~One Lobster to Another~1905 Leather Postcard
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :28j 13h 20m
St Patrick's Day~My Irish Mollie Oh~Music~Shamrock to Leprechaun~1907 Leather
Achat immédiat19,35 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :10j 13h 7m
"Don't Care If I Never Come to" at Gothenburg NE~Auto Couple Wreck~1906 Leather
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :5j 17h 33m
"We Can Crow" about Tucumcari New Mexico~Rooster to Hen~Chickens~c1905 Leather
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :5j 17h 40m
"Just Arrived in Madison Barracks" Sackets Harbor NY~Country Rube~1906 Leather
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :1j 3h 33m
Christmas Hold to Light~Look Thro~Ice Skaters on Pond~Boy & Plum Pudding~HTL
Achat immédiat48,38 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :2j 14h 46m
Newspaper~Daily Howler~Blackest Age~Pestiferous Age of Ink~Pen~1905 Leather PC
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :10j 14h 21m
Pueblo Colorado~Comic Pun: Drowning Man Waves Hand~Drop Me a Line~1906 Leather
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :23j 14h 9m
Romance~Elegant Victorian Couple~Blue Silk Add-On~Tuxedo~Lady & Fold Fan~Emboss
Achat immédiat12,44 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :23j 11h 25m
"Excuse Haste" in Nashville Tennessee~Pigs~Poor Pen Pun~1906 Leather Postcard
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :5j 11h 24m
"Drop Me a Line Quickly" in Omaha Nebraska~Woman Drowning~1905 Leather Postcard
Achat immédiat16,59 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :5j 16h 58m
Echo MN Gal: The Man Smart As Can Be~Is The One Who Agrees With Me~Leather c1905
Achat immédiat
25 % de rabais
10,37 $C
10,00 $US
+2,07 $CTemps restant :10j 10h 22m
Novelty Card~Yogi Looks @ Crystal Ball~Sees Future~Tilt It & Man Falls Off Horse
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
7,19 $C
6,50 $US
+2,07 $CTemps restant :20j 23h 33m
Hold to Light Victorian Christmas~Girl in White Holds Decorated Pine Tree~HTL
Achat immédiat147,90 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :11j 14h 12m
Hold to Light Christmas~Country Church at Sunset~Bridge Over Creek~HTL Germany
Achat immédiat37,32 $C+2,07 $CTemps restant :1j 1h 34m
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