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  Classic Stamps and Classic Revenues - Jean-Guy Olivier 

Welcome to my store

I will be adding extra features over the next few weeks, so come back regularly.

We are months into the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and still continue to see how our society is changing. Collectors are spending more time with their stamp collection and we have been fortunate to continue working. I want to thank you all for your support over the last months and hope you will stay safe and healthy.


I am very proud of the past philatelic auctions and the prices realized at eBay:

19-dec.-14   Greenland 1977 5 diff. Private Advertising Booklets. Scarce    155,75 $C

02-dec.-14   Canada 1935 Issue KGV #BK25 F-NH Compl. FRENCH Booklet CV $350.00    142,15 $C

29-nov.-14   Greenland 1977 Private Advertising Booklets Nr. 1-10 (DR3-12) VF-NH Complete set. Rare offer    125,00 $C

24-oct.-14   Argentina 1857 Buenos Aires Horseman/Gauchitos set GJ #1-4 VF-H CV $300.00    115,00 $C

16-oct.-14   K.U.T. 1937 Dhow 50c SG #144, 144a in PAIR Variety: ROPE NOT JOINED TO SAIL CV £275.00    125,65 $C

5-oct.-14   Canada 1935 Issue KGV #BK25 VF-NH Compl. English Booklet CV $175.00    99,75 $C

4-oct.-14   Portuguese India 1877 Numeral 900r Violet. VF-HR Scott #55 CV $100.00 Very Rare. Signed   162,75 $US

10-sept.-14   Canada 6 Rare Booklets #BK11, BK12, BK23a, BK24, BK27, BK28c. CV $1200.00 Great opportunity   525,00 $C

28-août-14   Canada 1935 Issue KGV #BK26 VF-NH Compl. French Booklet CV $300.00 SG #SB24a   183,75 $C

16-août-14   Canada 1930 KGV Arch. Sheet Corner Plate Blocks F/VF-NH Scott #171, 172 CV $340.00   116,11 $C

30-juil.-14   Italy AMG Venezia Giula 1945 #4gaa 20c Var.: OVPT ON THE GUM SIDE CV 550.00€   137,50 $US

14-juil.-14   Canada 1933 KGV Medallion #BK22b Fine NH Compl. English Booklet CV $200.00    90,25 $C

12-juil.-14   Canada 1930 KGV Arch. 2 Booklet panes Scott #166cii, 167ai with tab inscription F/VF-H. Unitrade CV $280.00    120,00 $C

25-juin-14   Canada 1912 KGV Admiral #BK4a F/VF-NH Compl. English Booklet CV $700.00    425,00 $C

22-juin-14   Italy Zara 1943 Occupation 3 Scarce 'DEUTSCHE BESETZUAG' Ovpt ERROR VF-NH CV 640,00€    176,25 $US

18-juin-14   Colombia Air Post 1920 Biplane 10c Red Brown Vertical TETE BECHE STRIP of 4    82,50 $US

22-mai-14   Canada 1865 Revenue $2 Red & Violet. Van Dam #FB35 CV $425.00   95,41 $C

06-avril-14   Turkey 1863 Tughra Postage Due 20pa Black/Brown VF-HR o.g. CV $100.00   97,50$US

05-janv.-14   U.S.A. 1995-96 Junior Duck Stamps #JDS3-4 VF-NH CV $800.00   430,00 $US

22-déc.-13   France 1888 Revenue Spiritueux VF-NH, o.g. Scarce compl. set 350.00€   260,00 $US

21-déc.-13   Russia 1917 1r Selection of Perf./Imperf. varieties incl. Double center, Double impression, Shifts, Defective, etc. All VF-NH   471,00 $US

20-déc.-13   Canada 1912 George V Admiral issue #BK3c, #BK5d VF-NH Compl. English Booklet CV $375.00   175,00 $C

14-nov-13   Canada 1912 George V Admiral issue #BK3c VF-NH Compl. English Booklet CV $250.00   125,00 $C

11-nov-13   Great Britain 1840 Black Penny 1d Black Scott #1 VF used CV $275.00  SG #1 plate 8, position O-E. CV £400.00 147,25 $US

2-oct-13   Mauritius 1859 Lapirot 2d Blue Scott #14Bc VF used CV $800.00   140,75 $US

3-août.-13   Belgium 1922 Houyoux 3c-20c Scott #146-50 5 diff. CROSS GUTTER NH. Rare   175,00 $US

15-juil.-13   Canada 1852 Beaver 3p Red Wove Paper Scott #4 F/VF used CV$300.00 w/ certificate   108,59 $C

31-mai-13   Greenland 1939 Sitdlimat Saving Stamps set. Marginal 25øre Blue and 1kr Orange XF-NH   140,00 $C

FEATURED ITEM:   07-mai-13   Belgian Congo 1886 Leopold Mint Complete set Scott #1-5 CV $444.75   102,50 $US

28-avril-13   Canada 1852 Beaver 3p Red Wove Paper Scott #4 F/VF used CV $300.00   106,25 $C

05-avril-13   D.W.I. (Danish West Indies) 1872 Arms 3c Rose Perf. 12 1/2 VF-HR o.g. CV $90.00  Very Rare   100,00 $C

01-avril-13   Greenland 1973 Private Booklet #PF-G11 with block of 4 #88 (AFA #87) VF-NH Scarce   125,00 $C

19-mars-13   Canada 1912 King George V Admiral #BK3c VF English Booklet CV $250.00   125,00 $C

18-mars-13   Italy Trieste A 1947 Occupation Air Post Varieties: SHIFTED Ovpt BLOCK + Rare Ovpt OFFSET BLOCK    118,90 $US

01-mars-13   Belgium 1929 VF-NH GUTTER PUBLICITY TETE BECHE Group  183,40 $US

30-janv.-13   Ceylon 1861 Large Star Wmk Selection HICV   118,02 $US

29-janv.-13   Poland 1943 Official Seals of the 1st Polish Legion. Perforated SHEET CORNER BLOCK. DOUBLE OVPT   99,22 $US

29-janv.-13   Belgian Congo 1942 IMPERF. PROOF BLOCKS 50F and 100F Scott #226-27 VF-NH   325,00 $US

25-janv.-13   Canada 1912 George V Admiral #BK5f 'Rate change' English Booklet CV $125,00   87,50 $C  

22-déc.-12   Great Britain 1840 Black Penny 1d Black Scott #1 VF used CV $275.00 Crease   110,00 $US

22-déc.-12   D.W.I. (Danish West Indies) 1866 Arms 3 cents #2 pl. I Study. 9 XF used All plated   422,43 $C

10-déc.-12   Faroe Islands 1919 Provisoire 2øre/5øre Green Scott #1 used on piece CV $475.00   175,00 $C

27-sept.-12   Canada 1912 George V Admiral issue #BK3c VF English Booklet CV $250.00   125,00 $C

18-sept.-12   Belgium 1866 King Leopold I Telegraph C.O.B. #TG2. 1902 Reprint in compl. Sheet   72,00 $US

31-août-12   Ukraine 1918 Trident 1r Scarce variety VF-NH   110,00 $US

30-août-12   B.C.A. 1898 Scott #58b (No Contol) XF used   89,27 $C

04-août-12   Rhodesia 1910 DoubleHead Scott #112 VF-H. Shallow tiny thin spot. Very Rare   125,00 $C

6-juil.-12   Sarawak 1950 Arms $5 Scott #194 VF-NH Sheet corner Plate Block CV $80.00++   91,00 $US

16-juin-12   Uganda 1896 Typewritten in violet 30(c) Scott #47 Blue cross cancel CV $200.00   85,00 $C

20-mai-12   South Africa CGH 1863 Hope Seated 1d Brownish Red Scott #12b VF used CV $260.00   113,33 $C

18-avr.-12   South Africa CGH 1863 Hope Seated 1d Dark Carmine Scott #12 VF used CV $260.00   107,51 $C

03-mars-12   Canada 1852 Beaver 3d Red Wove paper Scott #4   109,25 $C

30-janv.-12   Russia 1r Scott #87g var. in BLOCK of 8 and PAIR VF-NH   176,31 $US