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We ship via US Mail, UPS, & FedEx and offer multi-warehouse shipping all across the USA for many items.

You can check the shipping calculator for estimated shipping costs. If your location isn't shown, or shipping cannot be calculated for your location, please contact us for a shipping price.

Our retail/internet/mail order warehouse is in the Gorman, California area between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. All items are available for local pick up, but please contact us to make arrangements before hand.

International buyers are responsible for duty and VAT charges. If your item is eligible for eBay's Global Shipping program, your fees will be collected at checkout. If your item will be shipped directly, you will be responsible for paying these charges (if applicable) at the time of delivery. We do not collect those fees, we do not have control over them, nor do we know how much they will be for any given country. You can check with your country's customs office for an estimate of charges.


California laws prohibit (in most cases) the use of any aftermarket product whose installation requires the removal of any emissions control related components as regulated by the California Air Resources Board ( Three classification levels of emissions related aftermarket products define which aftermarket parts can be sold legally in the state of California:

Replacement Parts
parts that have the same function and affect on emissions as the parts they are replacing. This means that if a vehicle was not originally equipped with a catalyst and all other emissions related controls that were connected (such as oxygen sensors) are reconnected, then the part is considered a Replacement Part. If the vehicle has a catalyst and the installation of the part does not remove the catalyst, and all other emissions related controls are reconnected, then this is considered a replacement part. Slip on mufflers in applications whereby the catalyst is not contained in the original muffler is an example of a replacement part. Full exhaust systems installed on vehicles that did not originally contain a catalyst and whereby the design allows the reinstallation and original function of any other emissions control related components are also considered replacement parts.
Modified Parts
parts that alter the emissions control related performance from the original part they are replacing, These parts may have catalysts in them but they perform differently from the original equipment part or they may require the alteration or elimination of other emissions related control components such as oxygen sensors. These parts must obtain an Executive Order ("EO") from the California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.) to confirm their functional compliance in order to be sold legally in California.
Competition or Racing Vehicle Parts
parts that are used exclusively in competition on race only vehicles. These parts do not require approval as long as they "are not used on public highways". Labeling a product as being for "Racing Only" or "Closed Course Competition" is not sufficient for it to be included under this classification. It must be a competition vehicle and must not be used at any time on a public highway.

Many exhaust systems, intake kits, fuel tuners, and performance parts we sell are specifically designed and designated as/for "Competition and Racing Vehicles Only". Any/All model application pictures shown are for reference only and solely intended for Competition and Racing Vehicles only and must not be used at any time on a public road/highway.

If an item is designated as "Competition and Racing Vehicles Only", we will require a race waiver be digitally signed before an item can ship to California. If an item is to be exported from California, an export waiver is available as well. This is a REQUIRED guarantee from you that a restricted item will NOT be used on any public highway in California; only on private race tracks in racing or competition use.

Many "Modified Parts" are sold with out restriction in California and will be identified with a C.A.R.B. "EO" number and will arrive with appropriate labels to indicate the approved status. If you're not sure about the California emissions status of an item, please contact us for clarification before placing your order

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Some items (like D&D exhausts, MRD exhausts, and Heli bars) are made to order and can have up to a 2-3 week lead time while they're being built. Please check the shipping times on the 'shipping and payment' tab to check your item's shipping lead time.
If an item is damaged or incorrect from what was ordered, we will pay for all shipping and handling to get you the correct part ASAP. If you decide that you don't want an item, we will offer you a free exchange, less shipping, or you can return your item for a refund less shipping and a small restocking fee. All exchanges and returns must be in the original packaging, with all directions & accessories, in new condition.

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Is 'X' street legal?

Exhaust systems for OEM non-emission control system equipped motorcycles, as well as slip-on mufflers that mount downstream of and which do not inhibit the proper function of emission control systems, are considered legal replacement parts by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This is the same for intakes, air filters and fuel system parts that do NOT modify OEM emissions systems. CARB does not, however, permit the use of aftermarket exhaust systems or fuel/air control systems that remove or alter OEM emission control devices unless certified by CARB, other than on racing vehicles on closed courses. More California exhaust, intake, and fuel system information is available at

Products shown may be designed, manufactured, intended and sold for use on competition vehicles that are operated only on closed course racing circuits unless otherwise noted, and use of the same on public roads or lands may be a violation of local, state and/or federal laws. By offering products for sale, Starcycle/WME and its suppliers make no representation or warranty as to whether the items offered for sale are legal for the use for which they are purchased.

Remember: smog/emissions legal ≠ EPA legal! There may be sound level requirements and even non-tampering rules in effect for your vehicle. Always check your applicable local laws for any regulatory compliance/non-compliance information.

As a general rule: vehicles manufactured after 2004 for road use have emissions equipment in the mufflers (3 way catalysts). Many bikes built previous to this but after the mid 1980s have emissions equipment upstream of the muffler (air injection, catalysts, lamda sensors). Most, but not all, bikes made previous to this do not have emissions controls in the exhaust. You should check with the vehicle manufacturer if you're unsure about changing any emissions equipment, and always check with local authorities regarding legal status of modifications. Many municipalities consider modifications made to vehicles that have the purpose, or result, of increasing sound to affect the road-legal status of the vehicle.

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