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Default size

Each of our photos and art prints has a default size. The default size is the size you will receive if you don't request to substitute another size. Ebay does not provide a place to select the size when you check out. So, you must make this request before or at the same time you pay for the item. Refer to each item description to see what size is default and what other sizes you can request. Some alternative sizes may be available at no additional cost. Other sizes will cost extra.

How to upsize

Request the size that you want by leaving us a message in eBay. You can click "Contact seller" or "Ask a question." If you click "Buy It Now" for the photo or art reproduction, but don't click "Pay Now," we can add the amount to your eBay invoice and let you know when we have done so. Then you can pay.

If you have already paid for the photo or art without the added charge, you must request the larger size in eBay messages on the same day that you paid for this item. We will tell you how to pay the additional amount. You may be asked to purchase an add-on "upsize" eBay item that covers the additional cost. You must pay for the upsize on the same day that you paid for this item, so that we can make your large print on the next business day.

Add-on costs

None of our items is available in all of these sizes. Refer to the description of the photo or art to see what sizes you can request for that item. (Sizes are in inches.)

5.5x14  $4.00     (Panoramic)
6x18     $4.00     (Panoramic)
8x20     $7.50     (Panoramic)
10x24   $10.50   (Panoramic)
10x30   $10.50   (Panoramic)
11x14   $5.50     (A standard photo frame size)
12x__   $5.50     (See description for second dimension)
16x16   $12.00   (Square)
16x20   $12.00   (A standard photo frame size)
16x24   $17.50
20x20   $18.50   (Square)
20x24   $18.50
20x30   $19.50