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 PEANUTWHOLESALE has all kinds of beautiful and popular gifts,from jewelry like necklaces,pendants,Huge selection of glass bottles to all kinds of fun craft items...its a one stop shop!We offer great items for super low wholesale prices with combined shipping and fast delivery and great Ebay feedback

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Shipping & Payment
I PREFER PAYPAL.Payment must be received within/no later then 4 days.We offer exchanges or credits in store for returned items.Thanks so much for looking,happy bidding.
Combined Shipping

Hi, Welcome to PeanutWholesale just wanted to let you know we ship Worldwide and we combined shipping*~ 1 item regular shipping,2nd, 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th different items/different item numbers ship for FREE! (up to 25 items*)(out of 9 or 10 different items/item numbers we go by heaviest/Highest one and others ship free with it~2 days max total for combinding time*On buy it now items we also combined shipping* but adding on to 1 item of the same style or item number may have .10-.50 cents additional charge for each of the same extra item added then 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Different buy it now items/different item numbers~Please note*we must see your ebay screen name on items that your bidding on in order to combined shipping for you thruout the process(2 days max combinding time)** Thanks so much~Happy Bidding

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Expédition vers CAN
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1pc. Glass Round pendant cremation urn ashes perfume bottle Screw cap NECKLACE *
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
22,61 $C
19,95 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :16j 8h 25m
1 Glass Heart pendant cremation urn ashes perfume bottle Screw cap NECKLACE Pink
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
22,65 $C
19,99 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :18j 1h 23m
8pc Lot tiny Miniature Dollhouse dice die charm miniatures findings 5mm no hole
0 Enchère11,26 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 7h 43m
1pc Bag of  GLOW IN DARK GLASS BALLS  miniature micro tiny bubbles no hole 1mm
0 Enchère9,84 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 21m
8 Miniature tiny Golden Little Frog Lucky bead flatback animal locket charm 9mm
0 Enchère9,84 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 7h 43m
10pc Mini dollhouse tiny pistol bullet Gun bead flat back cabs findings 7x13mm
0 Enchère9,84 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 20m
12pc Set Lot Miniature TINY little Gold Horoscope signs symbols crystal charms
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
20,34 $C
17,95 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :22j 12h 40m
2pc Pendulum diamond Glass Clear perfume bottle cork oil little urn pendant vial
Achat immédiat ou Offre directe
20 % de rabais
45,27 $C
39,95 $US
+21,18 $CTemps restant :4j 8h 46m
1 Bottle tiny pendant Glass Pearl Pink ball miniature micro tiny bubble no holes
0 Enchère8,43 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :1j 9h 58m
1 Tiniest short mini tube Glass bottle vials rice tiny charm little pendant cap*
0 Enchère6,23 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 19m
15 Mix Huge Wholesale Lot Glass small little tiny bottles vial charm
Achat immédiat
10 % de rabais
25,48 $C
19,99 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :15j 6h 24m
2pc Miniature Christmas Gingerbread man Cookie cutter bead floating charm 10mm
0 Enchère7,01 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 19m
10pc Miniature tiny Gold Little floating locket Halloween Ghost bead findings NW
0 Enchère7,01 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 7h 44m
 10pc Lot Christmas Lights bulb charm beads craft findings **~
0 Enchère8,43 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :3j 9h 32m
Glass miniature Skull BOTTLE Bottle diffuser oil perfume pendant apothecary PRL
0 Enchère9,84 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 22m
1pc Murano Glass Strawberry fruit oil perfume cork bottle pendant vial Necklace
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
20,34 $C
17,95 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :13j 7h 59m
40pc Tiny Cannabis pot leaf confetti glitter marijuana fairy dust bottle display
0 Enchère9,84 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :5j 10h 11m
50 Round Glass bottles Pendants Vials charms Huge lot
Achat immédiat76,82 $C+19,86 $CTemps restant :29j 18h 13m
1 bag magical Fairy Pixie Tinkerbell Glitter Rainbow Heart Mix for bottle
0 Enchère7,01 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :1j 9h 58m
1pc.Glass Skull BOTTLE Potion perfume sm pendant Amethyst Purple Screw top
Achat immédiat25,06 $C+19,86 $CTemps restant :29j 18h 13m
15 fun mix Lot Glass Mini bottles vials charm findings
Achat immédiat
10 % de rabais
22,88 $C
17,95 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :23j 4h 5m
* 25 Round Glass bottles Pendants Vials charms Huge lot
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
33,98 $C
29,99 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 10h 53m
1pc. Glass Loop Ball Pendant Locket globe Charm wide mouth opening Bottle
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
16,94 $C
14,95 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :3j 11h 48m
1 Glass small Bear BOTTLE charm necklace pendant Christmas Candy apple Green *
0 Enchère11,26 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 22m
1 Glass JELLY BEAN BOTTLE candy vial Crystal bead screw top cap pendant charm GN
0 Enchère4,18 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 21m
10pc Miniature Little Easter Rubber Oranges gummy candy kawaii faux fruit 4x12mm
0 Enchère9,84 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 7h 43m
Glass Gummy Bear BOTTLE charm pendant kids fairy birthday zipper pull cell phone
0 Enchère11,26 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :2j 5h 20m
19pc Wholesale Lot tiny Mini Glass Fruit Lampwork pendant charm bead Necklace
Achat immédiat21,47 $C+19,76 $CTemps restant :18j 21h 51m
1pc Lg Murano Glass Clear oil perfume bottle crystal cork pendant vial Necklace
Achat immédiat
20 % de rabais
45,27 $C
39,95 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :16j 7h 5m
40 Huge Lot MIX Glass little potion bottles craft small wholesale vials
Achat immédiat
10 % de rabais
63,67 $C
49,95 $US
+19,76 $CTemps restant :18j 8h 16m
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