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Combined Shipping
For combined shipping, please use the Add to Cart button to combine multiple items.

The eBay shopping cart will automatically apply shipping discounts and calculate the best price.


Store policies
Checkout + Payment
Returns + Refunds

About the products
About the Famicom Disk System

Need help with your system?
Troubleshooting Guide

Checkout + Payment

How do I buy items from NickDisk?
Add the desired items to the eBay shopping cart by using the Add to Cart button in each item listing page. Next, click on a link that says your cart or click the small shopping cart in the top right corner of the page to view your items for purchase. If you’re ready to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout to continue to payment.

Add to Cart is not showing up. How can I combine multiple items in one invoice?
Sometimes the Add to Cart button doesn’t show up when using eBay on a mobile phone. If possible, try using a computer web browser.

If you still cannot add items to your eBay shopping cart, you can use Buy it Now to purchase the items. Afterwards, you can then request a refund for multiple charges on the shipping cost by messaging me.

When is payment due after buying an item?
Payment is due immediately after purchase. Items will still be available for purchase until payment has been completed.

Is there sales tax on my purchase?
Sales tax (GST/HST) will apply to purchases made in Canada on the total price (item price + shipping and handling).

What payment methods are accepted?
PayPal is the only accepted payment method.


*For shipping prices or instructions for sending your item to NickDisk for repair/return, please see the Shipping page.

Where is NickDisk located?
NickDisk is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Does NickDisk offer local pickup for orders?
No, local pickup is not available. All orders must be shipped.

Can I combine shipping?
Yes. To combine multiple items in one order, use the Add to Cart button instead of Buy It Now. The best shipping price will be calculated automatically at checkout.

What shipping discounts are available?
Here are the current discounts offered:
• FREE shipping for games, accessories, and replacement parts purchased with a console – just pay shipping for the console.
• $0.45 ($1.25 for Canada) shipping for each additional game when buying more than one game.

How long is handling time for orders?
Handling time is within 1 business day of the purchase date. Tracking numbers for most orders will be uploaded within 1 business day. Please allow a few days for tracking numbers to update.

How long is delivery time for orders?
Here are estimates for delivery time for each region:

Canada: 1-8 business days
USA: 2-4 business days
UK/Ireland: 6-12 business days
Worldwide: 6-21 business days

My tracking number still says “Electronic Information Submitted By Sender”. Why hasn’t it updated yet?
Tracking can take 1-2 days to process after being uploaded. After the package has been scanned at a postal facility, it will be delivered in the number of business days specified in the item listing’s shipping table.

How are Canadian shipping rates calculated?
Canadian shipments without tracking are calculated by weight at flat rates for all of Canada. Canadian shipments with tracking are calculated by weight and by the buyer’s postal code.

Returns + Refunds

What is the return policy?
Returns are accepted within 30 days of receiving the item. Unless the item is defective or not as described, an item (must be in original condition) can be returned at the buyer’s expense.

Returns are not accepted on repair services.

Before requesting a return, please read the troubleshooting FAQ to see if the problem can easily be resolved. If the problem cannot be easily resolved, please message me first and I will be able to provide further help or set up the return.

I want to return my item to NickDisk. What do I do first?
Please message me first and we will discuss the return process.

I paid separate shipping costs instead of a combined shipping cost. Can I get a refund on the shipping I over-payed?
Yes! Please message me and I will refund you the extra shipping you paid. You can either request the refund as a PayPal payment or you can use the refunded amount as store credit.

About the Disk System

What is the Famicom Disk System?
The Famicom Disk System is an add-on system for the original Famicom used to play games on re-writable magnetic disks. The Disk System has a library of over 200 games, many which are exclusive to the disk format as well as being exclusive to Japan. The Disk System also has special features, such as the ability to save data directly to the disk as well as the additional FM sound channel which enhances the games’ music and sound effects.

What do I need to play the Disk System?
To play the Disk System, a Famicom (or compatible) console, a RAM adapter, the Disk Drive, and a power source (AC adapter or 6 C cell batteries) are all needed to play.

How long do the batteries last in the Disk System console?
The 6 C cell batteries can last several months to a few years in the console. The Disk Drive only uses power each time it reads or writes disks, which only takes about 30 seconds at a time.

What is the Twin Famicom?
The Twin Famicom is a console manufactured by Sharp in partnership with Nintendo that plays both game cartridges and game disks. The Twin Famicom is essentially a Famicom and Famicom Disk System combined into one unit. Just like the original Famicom, two controllers come attached to the console. The Twin Famicom outputs composite AV and can easily be hooked up to a TV – no RF modulator required.

What do I need to play the Twin Famicom?
To play the Twin Famicom, just the console itself, an regular RCA AV cable, and a proper AC adapter are all needed to play.

Is the disk drive inside the Twin Famicom the same as a Nintendo Famicom Disk System?
Yes, the disk drive unit is the same in both consoles and are interchangeable with each other.

Do all games use both sides of the disk?
While many games on the Disk System are on both side A and B of the game disk, there are some single-sided games as well. A game disk can hold two single-sided games, like Super Mario Bros on side A with Baseball on side B for example.

Does the Disk System have a long loading time?
Loading time can be as short as 8 seconds or up to a minute, depending on the complexity of the game.

What is the difference between the yellow and blue game disks?
Yellow disks are the standard color of disk that most games were released on. Blue disks look similar but have a sliding disk protector instead of the paper sleeve that was included with the yellow game disks.

How can I protect the game disks?
Always store your disks in the case they came in for the best protection. Don’t let magnetic tools like a screwdriver get too close the disk as the data could de-magnetize.

Does the game title on the label match the actual game on the disk?
Yes. The game disk was tested to ensure that the title on the label is the actual game written on the disk.

Troubleshooting Guide

What does Err. 21, 22, and 27 mean?
The error codes above suggest that there is a problem when the disk drive is reading the game disk. The following are reasons why the error is showing:

On the disk drive:
•disk drive’s belt pulley and moving parts may not have been installed properly
•spindle assembly may not be aligned properly
•motor speed may not be adjusted properly
•head position may not be adjusted properly

On the game disk:
•magnetic media may be dirty, scratched, or damaged
•save file may be corrupt
•sectors of data may have been de-magnetized

All the sources of error above can be resolved. Look here for my Disk Drive Repair Service and here for my Disk Restoration Service.

Why isn’t a game I purchased working in my Disk System console?
It is possible that your disk drive is not fully calibrated to read ALL games. For a disk drive to read ALL games, the spindle assembly must be aligned, the motor speed must be properly adjusted, and the head position must be calibrated. Look here for my Disk Drive Repair Service.

Why do some of my own games work in one Disk System console but not another?
Because of varying motor speeds and differing calibration on different disk drives, there may be errors when using a game disk in one console over another. Certain games that are capable of saving can become corrupt if the disk has been written (saved) on by a disk drive with an improper motor speed or spindle alignment.

Some of my own games won’t read and give errors. What can I do about it?
The first thing to inspect is the magnetic media of the disk. Using your finger and thumb, spin the middle of the disk by hand and check for any visible scratches or dirt on the magnetic media. If you see dirt, use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean the dirt. Let it dry for a few minutes and then test it.

If the disk still doesn’t work but there are is no visible damage or scratches, the game may need to be rewritten. Look here for my Disk Restoration service.

My Disk System console is displaying Err. 02 Battery Error. What does this mean?
Check if your disk drive has either an AC adapter connected or 6 C cell batteries loaded into the battery compartment.

If you still get Err. 02 and have connected a power source, check the AC adapter of the Famicom (or compatible) console. The Disk System requires the Famicom console’s AC adapter to have the correct voltage and amperage in order to work properly.

My Famicom is displaying glitchy sprites only when I’m using the Disk System. What’s going on here?
Certain versions of the RAM Adapter (FMR-02, FMR-03) may display glitchy sprites when used with certain versions of the Famicom with the motherboard labelled HVC-CPU-GPM-02. This issue is fixable by soldering a 4.7k Ohm resistor- array to the RAM Adapter’s board. Look here for my RAM Adapter repair service.

All RAM Adapters sold by NickDisk that had the glitchy sprite problem have been repaired with a 4.7k Ohm resistor-array and are fully tested to work.