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FAQ COMBINING for a single postage on Maldon Jewellery Ebay site.

It has been confirmed today ( 12th May 2014 ) that buyers in the USA on will probably NOT see a basket when buying from us as we are in the UK.
It was also confirmed that buyers in the USA ( will probably not see a like to " REQUEST A TOTAL FROM SELLER "
There are 2 workarounds which are :-
1) click BUY IT NOW on every item and the message us via ebay to combine.
2) log into and purchase on the UK ebay platform. There the basket should be visible.

we combine all items so you only pay 1 lot of postage if you pay in 1 transaction whether 1 item or 1000 items.
The way it works is this.
If the basket is not showing then please skip to Part 2.
Part 1)
ADD each item to your ebay basket.
When you have finished adding items to your basket look for the basket image and click it.
Ebay should show a summary with a button saying PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
Click Proceed to Checkout button.
Ebay SHOULD charge £9.50 whether 1 item or 1000 items.

Part 2)
If ebay is NOT showing shipping as £9.50 or the basket is not showing at all then please DO NOT PAY.
Click BUY IT NOW on each item.
Contact us and ask us to COMBINE.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT pay for each item individually otherwise we cannot refund the full amount of postage as pay pal charges a fee PER TRANSACTION and Ebay charges a fee on each shipping which is NOT refundable.
EG each £9.50 postage you pay ebay paypal and tax man will keep £1.50

Kind regards Simon