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 D-JAVU founded in 2003, specializes in technology accessories. We aim to sell great products at excellent value with best professional service; fast response, great shipping & handling, warranty service, smooth buying experience. Phone:+61-404-566-766. ABN:31106127271
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Frequently Asked Question

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Where are you located? 

Click here for our address and map information. Please note, as noted in the product listing, some of the products are not available for pickup.

What is your email address? 

Click here for our email address information.

What is PayPal pending payment? 

As advised from PayPal notification of payment from you: "The payment is currently being processed and shown as “Pending” in your PayPal account. This indicates that the amount has not yet been credited to your PayPal account. Important: Please hold shipment of any goods until the payment is shown as “Completed” in your PayPal account. You will be notified by email as soon as this is the case."

This non-instant payment is mainly due to payment that is funded from a bank account, instead of credit card. It takes few days for PayPal to get funds from your bank account to your PayPal account. For Australian buyer, it is faster if you transfer the amount through netbank transfer, which in some cases we accept the payment receipt (screen capture not copy and paste text), to send you the item earlier than your payment clear.

Should you have any question regarding the pending payment, please check the detail of your payment in PayPal and ask PayPal question regarding the transaction . D-Javu will not send the item right away although it is a PayPal payment, because we clearly mention in our product description that we will send once the payment is cleared. eCheque PayPal payment is treated as non-instant payment.

For Australian buyers, Internet Banking (netbank) transfer is generally much more faster for it to clear than PayPal with eCheque. For item value less than $100, we will be happy to accept your payment receipt (screen shot of payment not copy and paste), enabling us to send your item on the same day we receive your payment receipt. Netbank with receipt is treated as instant - the same as standard PayPal with credit card instead. Please click here on how to make screnshot of payment. We cannot do the same with PayPal with eCheque as buyer is still able to cancel payment.

I did my netbank transfer/direct deposit  and how can i have it delivered today? (or emailed? when applicable)

Should you want your order to be process quickly, you can attach the copy (screen shot)/scanned of your net bank/direct deposit payment and email it to us. We may consider about sending the item (or email the codes if applicable) earlier than payment clear . However, should you not get any reply, you may expect the item to be send (or email if applicable) when the payment is clear.

How to do a screen shot of payment?  

  1. Press PrtScn (Print Screen) button in your keyboard in your receipt/transfer acknowledgment window. The button is located next to your F12 button.
  2. Run paint program. For Windows, Paint program is usually located in Start menu>All Programs>Accessories>Paint.
  3. On Paint window, press the Ctrl-V button or Edit>Paste on the main menu.
  4. Save the file with any file name you want. We accept .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .doc and .pdf file format.

To do print screen easier, you can try the following software: ScreenHunter (free ware) - go to Google and search ScreenHunter.

How do i find answers to specific product questions?  

Most of our item description are usually provided to us by the vendor. If the information you're looking for can't be found in our product listing, we recommend:
  1. Re-reading the product description thoroughly - sometimes links to more detailed product specifications are included in the product information.
  2. Google is also a good source for general product research.
  3. Quick call to a local specialist such as an electronic retailer.

Can I purchase your items from your premises directly,   or do you only sell from your website/eBay store?

When an item is marked " Pickup OK ", you're very welcome to come, observe the product and pay for it directly in our store. Our trading hours, address and map are provided in the following link. To make everything simpler, we do not accept payment online when you pickup, however in our store you're very welcome to pay with cash, Eftpos, and credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

If you buy it an item from eBay, don't worry about telling the staff you're buying it from eBay, just come and pay for it. Once you made your purchase, please send us an email that you've done the purchase. We will check the sale, if it's in our sales record, we will mark your eBay transaction as paid and posted. Easy.

Can you email the code? (when applicable)  and is it free delivery?

Yes we do accept emailing the code instead of mailing the item, no delivery fee payment required.

However, there is a condition on how you pay for it.
Non PayPal payer: Either you give us a receipt (screen capture not copy and paste) for same day code emailed, or you can wait till your payment clear to get the code.
PayPal payer: For first time buyer, phone verification is required. For information, please click here.

What happens if I'm not at home for delivery?  

Most of our items are sent via Australia Post. When nobody is at home to receive the delivery, a note will be left in your letterbox. Your nearest post office will then hold the item for one month so you can pick it up. Similar case for Australia Air Express. Other courier may left a note for you to arrange an alternate dropoff time.

What happens when I receive the wrong item?  

It must be a genuine errors in dispatch, we apologize. These cases are very rare, we will do our best to fix this up for you quickly at our cost. Please contact us with as much information about your order and the incorrect product received as soon as possible, and we will sort things out for you right away.

Can you send to different address? 

We provide service to send our products anywhere in Australia the buyer want it to, even overseas (however beware of high cost of sending it overseas). Buyer with PayPal payment, please make sure you change the address first to any address that you want on the payment confirmation page before you confirm the payment. This way will make it easier for us to print the packing slip - as it will have the intended/destination address instead of your own address. We do not accept PayPal payment with destination address written in payment notes, as it is against guidelines for seller protection with PayPal.

When will my order be shipped? 

Your order will be shipped once your payment has been clear in our accounts. Then, once your Parcel is dispatched, you will be notified via an email with your unique 'Delivery Number' and Delivery details. You will also receive the Carrier's details and their estimated transit time to your address.

Shipping charges to (Country Name - overseas)? 

Please click here to check yourself on Australia Post charges for the delivery fee to your country. Product weight is provided in the product listing.

Remember, when you need to buy multiple items, you need to add all multiple weights accordingly.

Please add 300g on top of product weight for box weight. Australia post requires adequate packaging for it to travel safely overseas.

For Air Mail and Sea Mail option, you have to add insurance for the value of item sent.