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How to choose the right screen protector: Clear or Anti-Glare

 Nowadays almost everyone seems to have one or more electronic device that has a LCD screen. Whether it is a cellphone, tablet, MP3 player or iPod Touch there comes a time that you will realize that protecting the screen from the elements is necessary.

 With all of options available on the market, you need to as much information as you can get in order to make an informed decision on which product to buy. In general there are two types of screen protectors; Clear and Anti-Glare. While there are similarities, there are some very big differences.


Clear Screen Protectors

 The clear type screen protectors are made up of thin layers of transparent material that forms a protective shield for the LCD screen of your electronic devices. Since it is completely clear your view will be totally unobstructed and it will not interfere with your touch functions.


Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

 The anti-glare type screen protectors are made from thin layers of film that possess unique properties to reduce glare to eliminate eye strain and makes it possible to see the images on the screen in direct light. Along with the glare reduction, the film will also resist fingerprints and protect the screen from scratches and the elements while you are outside.


So which one of them do you chose?   

 The only real answer to this question is you would want to choose the one that fits best with how you use your device most often. If you regularly use it indoor and handle it quite frequently, your best option would be the clear screen protector. This will give you the most unobstructed viewing and also keep out any elements and possible scratches from ruining the screen.


 If you frequently use your device outdoors or in strong lighting, you would want to look into the screen protectors that offer the anti-glare technology. This gives you the same protection from scratches and the elements, as well as making it easier to see when outdoors or heavy lighting.


Once you have decided which type of protector is best for you, anti-glare or clear you then are ready to find the one that is designed to fit the screen on your device.

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