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Notre expérience, des descriptions précises et de nombreuses photos vous assurent entière satisfaction.

Consultez notre profil et les évaluations laissées par nos clients ! N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute question.

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 Hello and welcome to BOOKS AND FROGS


BOOKSHOP: we offer a wide selection of old and rare books, but also used contemporary books.
We specialize in a variety of subjects: religion, art, magic...


ANTIQUES: Carefully selected collector’s items in areas such as photography,
table top, religious objects and comic book paraphernalia.


Our experience and commitment will ensure your complete satisfaction.
Do not hesitate to add to us to your favourite sellers and to contact us for any questions at


Discount shipping rates available for group purchases. We ship worldwide.

Enjoy your visit!...




About us


BOOKS AND FROGS is the result of our passion for second-hand goods and our love of books, as well as a desire to operate sustainably with the lowest footprint on the environment and to share a more ecological lifestyle.  Many of you share this approach!


So, for all of you who have known us since 2004 under the name rastapaupoulos on eBay and for all you new bookworms and the bargain hunters who are just discovering us, we are proud to welcome you to our new eBay shop which offers a wider and more frequent selection of items for you.


Our eBay shop


You will find in our shop two different sections:

a bookshop section and a section dealing in second-hand goods, both of which are divided into several categories.

Some items are sold by auction, whereas others are available for immediate purchase.


You will find a vast selection of old, rare and limited-edition books, as well as more recent used books.

We also offer a wide array of collector’s items such as: antique photographic equipment, tableware and table top decor and accessories, religious objects, and comic book-derived collectables...

Browse our shop and feel free to visit us often to check out our new arrivals!






Accurate and very detailed descriptions of our products:


Each item is accompanied with a detailed description.

We do not hide the imperfections of objects and are committed to presenting them to  you in their exact condition.

Should you have questions on a specific item, please do not hesitate to forward them to us by email ( before you place your bid or order.



Quality packaging:


With our aim to reduce our environmental footprint, we ship using used or recycled packaging, as much as possible, collected from companies in our area.

We hope that as a savvy consumer, you will be supportive of this eco-friendly approach.

Rest assured, we package with care and take all necessary precautions to ensure that your items are delivered to you safely!



Fast order processing with several shipping choices at cost:


We normally process and ship your order within 24 hours after payment is received.

Depending on the item ordered, its weight and its value, there will be several delivery options and rates, including insurance options, available to you reflecting the current rates of La Poste, France’s Postal Service.


At BOOKS AND FROGS, packaging is free, you only pay for the actual cost of postal shipping!






Once your order is validated, you will receive a confirmation by email summarizing the details of the order.

You will then have to choose your method of payment and delivery option available for the item.

Shipment of your order will only occur once your payment is received; delivery times may be affected if there is a delay in settling your payment.


To ensure optimal processing of your orders, BOOKS AND FROGS recommends that you to respect the following procedures:

- complete payment within 5 calendar days of the sale

- include all necessary shipping information (especially if the shipping address is different from the billing address)  


IMPORTANT: Free insured shipping for orders over €200!  

This offer is valid for orders shipped to addresses in continental France only.



Please read our General Terms of Sale  (currently available in French only)






BOOKS AND FROGS only accepts secure payment methods, namely by PayPal or by bank transfer.


ATTENTION: cash or other non-secure methods of payment are NOT accepted, and your order will automatically be cancelled.


Payment by PayPal


Using PayPal protects you by allowing you to complete a transaction without having to share your financial information with the seller. Paypal encrypts the information to keep your identify and financial information secure.


By using PayPal you can expedite the processing and shipping of your order.


Payment by bank transfer


If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you will have to specify it during checkout. We will  then send email you our account information.

Please include the order number with your transfer of funds.


IMPORTANT: Please note that bank transfers can take several days to complete.  The processing and shipment of your order will only take place once effective payment is received.


Please read our General Terms of Sale  (currently available in French only)






BOOKS AND FROGS uses the services of the French Postal Service (La Poste) to ship orders to you.  Please note that orders are shipped daily on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only, within 24 hours of payment receipt.  We do not ship on Fridays, weekends or holidays.

You will receive an email confirming when your order has been shipped, as well as the item(s) included in that order and the delivery option.


Please read our General Terms of Sale  (currently available in French only)